Wholesale Julian Apple CiderApple Lane Orchard’s Apple Cider

by Stephen Michael Gannon

Like ice cubes surfing on a hot sidewalk, 

playful summer days shrink and melt away,

to collect, freshen the earth, and nourish the trees.

The air is crisp. The darkness squeezes both morning and eveningpressing the mid-day light in anticipation.

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Apple Lane Orchards Apple Cider

Magically turning leaves of green, to red, and yellow, then to a treasure of darkened gold.

Cold air sends a refrigerated chill and a shiver. Begging for just another moment to capture the sun on our faces. The warmth, . . . the sunshine, . . . have turned into something new. 

Something cold, something delicious, something dark and gold,. . . Apple Lane Orchard’s Apple Cider.

Apple Lane Orchards Wholesale Apple Cider Processor

Apple Lane Orchards Wholesale Apple Cider Processor