Half-Gallon Apple Cider – Local Pickup




In Cider Workshop for Home and Craft Brewers

Thomas Hensley is a Professional Cider Maker licensed by the FDA.

Hi folks, I’m Thomas Hensley, and I’d like to share Apple Lane Orchards philosophy of farming and manufacturing apple cider, apple slices for pies, and other wholesale apple products. First and foremost to me, is to produce a delightfully desirable product in a highly clean and healthy manufacturing facility meeting the requirements of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug administration (FDA). We have two big SECRETS here concerning our cider production: 1) Our cider is made ONLY from apples—no added sugar, no added water, no preservatives—NOTHING ELSE; and 2) Our cider is a secret proprietary blend of sweet and sour apples for the richest most thirst-quenching desirable taste. We Flash Pasteurize to give the cider a 30-day shelf life. We deliver apple cider product to grocery stores, special events, and retail resellers within 90 miles of Julian.


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